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Welcome to Adams Ascending! 

Here’s some PRE-ALPHA demo notes before going in.


  • Expect up to one minute for the game to load levels. Remember this is still a Pre-Alpha demo.

  • Controller via usb cable is recommended for the demo. (PC version might need your controller's button mapping reset. Certain icons will not appear correctly with Mouse and Keyboard use.)

  • If you decide to use a keyboard remember that all button icons haven't been added yet. (Shift: Run, C: crouch, Q: Roll, W,S,A,D: Directions to walk, E: Action, Mouse 1: Shoot, Mouse 2: Aim) During space flight segments ( Holding Up on keyboard) launches the ship (W,S,A,D) controls the direction of ship.

  • Whether you use a controller or keyboard be sure to not have both connected at the same time. This may result in controller input issues.

  • There are some objects in the game that are placeholders, so please ignore any inconsistencies.

  • Audio errors could occur during the demo.

  • Game glitches or bugs can occur during gameplay.

  • Transitions between levels could resemble the game being frozen, but it’s actually loading in the background. Please, have patience.

  • Exiting the game on PC will require you to hit the "Windows" button or “ctrl + esc" then right click Adams Ascending and click close. You should be able to close the program through the task manager as well. On Mac you should be able to force quit the application through the apple icon. I apologize for any inconvenience, but this is still a very early demo build.

  • Very important, there's currently no menu to reload a save file. If you get stuck, a reset of the game might be needed. Sorry for the inconvenience. Remember, it’s a pre-alpha demo. 

  • Feel free to capture your game experience and send it back to me for feedback review. Please, DO NOT post demo content or video of demo online without proper permission first.


Last, but not least! It’s an honor to be at this stage in the game development process. Any feedback is extremely welcomed. This will improve the process going forward. I linked the feedback survey below to make it easier.

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