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Crimson Tide

(Work In Progress)

- The content presented is Pre-Alpha and doesn't fully represent the final product -

The team is excited to reveal a few new details on our upcoming project!

In Crimson Tide, embrace the role of Antonio De Luca, a relentless Italian fisherman on an eternal quest for the ocean's greatest treasures. In the tranquil waters of the Italian peninsula, you cast your fate each dawn in the boundless abyss of beauty, chasing the promise of adventure and the ultimate catch that could retire you in glory. Yet, the haunting whisper of this mythical dream catch, and an otherworldly tempest propel you into a realm of darkness and dread... mentally and physically. 

Transported to a desolate and miraculously shore of shipwrecked dreams shrouded in twilight, your only escape lies in a distant lighthouse atop a forbidding hill. Does this mysterious place hold the catch you've been waiting for your entire life or the darkest depths of despair?

With unwavering determination, embark on a perilous journey to conquer the shoreline's darkness and rediscover the world you once knew. Crimson Tide is an exploration of the uncharted depths of the soul, where courage to keep your dreams alive faces its ultimate test against encroaching darkness. Antonio must trade his fishing rod for a torch in the hope of finding his greatest catch... his purpose.


One Line Pitch

 Gone Home + Journey meets the gameplay vibes of Amnesia.

Gameplay Loop
Search – Solve – Survive


You haven't been born yet, but you have miraculously arrived to a shoreline of shipwrecked dreams. As darkness threatens to consume everything, your inner light becomes your only hope for survival. Explore the mysterious cove cloaked in shadows, braving deadly traps and unraveling its secrets to find your purpose. Your ultimate goal: reach the Lighthouse and ignite a beacon of hope to inspire others before your journey comes to an end or before it even starts, that’s up to you. Will you rise above the encroaching darkness or succumb to its chilling embrace? Prepare to discover your inner strength in CRIMSON TIDE.


Welcome to Crimson Tide, a first-person exploration survival game. Our game is about immersion, discovery and living through your purpose to inspire the "others" who will arrive. An experience that will enlighten you to the core.



  • Light and Darkness Mechanics: Light and darkness play a crucial role in the game, affecting the player, enemies, and the environment. Players can light torches and use other light sources to navigate dark areas or sacrifice their own light strategically.

  • Torch-Based Combat: Players can use torches, lanterns, and environmental elements to illuminate dark areas and gain an advantage in combat. Different enemy types require specific strategies, such as staggering or parrying them using light.

  • Environmental Considerations: Players must carefully consider how light and darkness interact with the environment. This aspect influences their decisions and approach to various challenges and encounters.

  • Meaningful Choices: The narrative is driven by the player's choices, offering multiple branching paths and outcomes. These choices have a significant impact on the story and the player's overall experience.


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The game features a captivating story that immerses players in a beautiful yet dangerous world. As they explore the island, players will encounter intriguing characters of past shipwreck dreams and make choices that shape the outcome of the narrative. The ultimate goal is to reach the Lighthouse and ignite a Beacon of hope, unveiling the island's mysteries to inspire others to hold onto their dream, light, and hope on what’s to come.

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