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An exploration game set on an island of fear, doubt, and disbelief.

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ADAMS ASCENDING is an inspiring, soulful exploration for new life and childlike revelation. It's an immersive story driven game where the amount of dedicated exploration and gameplay choices made, will determine how the story unfolds. Will you make the decision to take on the world with physical strength or supernatural powers? The choice is yours. This game is a reflection of the soul and how your decisions can impact the world, but more importantly - your future.

You play as Adam, an interstellar explorer searching for your long-lost father. After a chain of events leads our explorer to an unknown island with supernatural powers he discovers the eternity gems. It's up to Adam to use the powers he has been granted to search for answers. Investigate why and how you've arrived into this phenomenon, but most importantly who you need to become to find your father and return home.




Atmospheric third person adventure of the soul mixed with puzzles, exploration, and combat.

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  • A supernatural exploration set in a dimension of the soul.

  • Multiple choice path of gameplay with purpose driven challenges. (One path is based on an internal, selfless struggle with the reliance on your soul the other an external battle involving brute force and the reliance of your own self)

  • Unique environments that hold the secrets of life's mysteries from the past and future.

  • Narrative driven pacing, focused on storytelling with detailed and captivating atmosphere that drives the players own purpose. 

  • Environmental puzzles that involve the player to use their own spirituality and purpose to solve the world's mysteries.

  • Solving obstacles that involve taking a leap of faith rather then precise calculations of intellect. 

  • Manipulating the physical world with the time altering powers of the eternity gems.

  • Investigating environments to collect pieces of yourself and using discovered objects to explore, solve, and survive

  • Music by Voltz Supreme 



In Adams Ascending I'm looking to create a world where every area you explore will be scattered with powerful story elements to push your journey forward. The island that you have crash landed on is split into three different environmental sections Faith (Arctic), Hope (Tropical), and Love (Desert). The center of the island is home to a mountainous structure that could hold all of the answers to the purpose of humanity.



Adams Ascending wants to offer an immersive world where the challenges you face in game will inspire you to tackle your own purpose in life. You will be solving puzzles that are calling you to achieve more, exploring hidden secrets to uncover your purpose and surviving mysteries that will awaken your soul.

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The world of Adams Ascending is hidden with mysteries that are life giving or death breeding for you to interact with. Demonic creatures of the soul, spiritual entities of life, and choices to die to yourself or live selfishly await you.

Your choices are the key to how you will embark on this journey to reach the center of the island. One direction involves a more tangible, hands on approach that has you defeating enemies using brute force, weapons, and tackling obstacles with more difficultly. The other direction will be a more intangible path that involves solving puzzles of the soul, battling scenarios with spiritual reflection and a more faith-based approach with easier difficulty.

It's simple, the path to your purpose will be one that's tangible VS intangible; the choice is yours. 



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